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The Beginning and End of Connection, Round Table Soaring to the World

Round Table is a networking meeting of Sunbo Angel Partners and Lighthouse Combined Investment. Startups with innovative technology and interesting projects are introduced to leading entrepreneurs and investors, and cooperation occurs immediately. Since this program was first held in September 2016, we have already held 23 meetings so far. Even though only five business owners participated in the first round table, over 100 companies visited the most recent event. Over 80 startups visit a round table. In addition, renowned investment companies and startups from Germany, Italy, Singapore, and France participate in a round table for cooperation. The round table is expanding to other regions including Ulsan, Daegu, Gwangju as well as Busan. We introduce our Round Table here.

To the advanced investment ecosystem,

the global investment ecosystem

In addition to global investment companies from Germany and Italy, around 70 people including the owners of middle-standing partner enterprises, working-level staff, and startup founders participated in the global round table and networked with each other with much enthusiasm. The event started with Sunbo Angel Partners' presentation entitled "Cooperation Among Middle-Standing Enterprises, European Technology Ecosystem, and Korean Startups." Then IR pitching was provided by startups including CheomdanLab, Wemems, and Daliworks. What must be noted most in this event was the seminar presenters. EXPARA's CEO Douglas from Singapore, Redstone's Managing Partner Siren form Germany, and EVOLVI Company's European Partner from Italy gave lectures entitled "Investment Ecosystem of Singapore and Southeast Asia, "Germany;s Open Innovation and Investment ecosystem of Europe and considered the possibilty of entering the global market and the chance of success, paying attention to the lectures.


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