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Who we are


YoungChan Choi


(Team building,Network)

"Linking Technologies and Industries through investment together with entrepreneurship "


Jonghoon Oh


(Business Gen. Investment)

"Setting auspicious growth strategies and funding projection plans for startups"


DeokSoo Ko


"Creating market strategies, supporting lab startups and connecting industry and investments

What We Do

The Sunbo Angel Partners has been on a path no one has been to for the past four years.

As the first investment company in Korea, we have established a united front with leading companies by industry.

More than 100 leading mid-sized companies that have been leading the Korean economy are drawing a picture of the future with us.

We’ve challenged innovative areas in a variety of ways, including startup investments, joint ventures, company buildings, and M&As, and we’re going to get the big picture done.


Currently, we are active in Korea (Seoul, Busan, Ulsan, Gwangju), Singapore and Berlin offices.

Proactive members who plan and create their own projects are enhancing the capabilities of the office.

Sunbo Angel Partners dreaming of Korea’s fastest-growing global investment holding company.

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How We Work

Maximize the autonomy and authority of your team, assuming responsibility for yourself.

It's not just about being given within a vertical relationship, it's about being able to create and accomplish things on any level.

Based on Amoeba’s management philosophy, employees who have outstanding leadership and responsibility for themselves are selected as leaders regardless of rank, and are given representative-level authority, and are also the CEO of the subsidiary.


We have created our own Sunbo Way, Angel Way, which contains our own philosophy to maximize the capabilities of these talents and to harmonize our family lives.


A policy that does not limit working hours and vacations

Provides support for families to travel abroad together

Also, Angel Vacation, which grants one month of sabbatical to employees who have worked for more than three years, The Destination Office, which works in new environment such as travel destination in summer and winter is our own system of making culture for the best people.

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